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As technology becomes a greater part of our lives every day, an overwhelming amount of data is generated in almost everything we do, from walking into a Mall, to ordering a Pizza. Customers expect to have technology making their lives easier and generate relevant information, no matter where they are. NetLytics solutions will enable you to know more about your customer, their behavior, preferences, factors influencing their decision making process, and how to deliver relevant content that will enhance their experience and maximize your impact

Superior User experience without the complexity and costs associated with technology deployments, centrally managed and operated
Understand who your customers are and how they behave with the power of our Analytics
Provide targeted and relevant content with a click of a button

Complete Solutions for Network and Analytics


While enabling a superior user experience, Netlytics captures relevant information from your customers such as Social Media Profiles, Visited Locations and Time Spent. Without a complex technology deployment, the Netlytics solution is a quick enabler for your business


Understand who your customers are and how they behave with the power of our Analytics. Correlate data, find patterns and forecast behavior to get the insight needed to tune your business


Enhance your Netlytics experience with Digital Displays, Internet of Things, Cloud computing, Beacons, POS Systems and many others tech solutions

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Our Partners

Our partner program creates an extended organization to develop technologies, services, and solutions that enhance the way our customers maximize their investment in NetLytics products.

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